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Large Advantages Found in Power VM Versus VMware vSphere White Paper (Edison Group)

IBM has an interesting white paper posted comparing the Power VM Virtualization technology found on IBM Power 7 servers against VMware vSphere 4.1 & 5.0 Virtualization Performance on Intel x86 platforms. Big Blue engaged the Edison Group to do this … Continue reading

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Twitter Admits It Has an “Unfollowing” Bug

The Telegraph is reporting that Twitter has admitted that it has an “Unfollowing” bug. According to the Telegraph: The bug is causing Twitter users to randomly unfollow people without account holders’ prior consent or knowledge. Twitter has advised affected people … Continue reading

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When Do IBM i PTFs Get Applied Anyway? (IT Jungle)

IT Jungle just published my new tip where I answer this question on when IBM i PTFs get applied: Our management has our operators apply cumulative PTFs (CUME) with no regard to when the system will be IPLed. They load … Continue reading

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IBM i Bumper Sticker #4: Old Technology??? What Old Technology?

You’re adding capabilities my IBM i had for years and you’re saying I run old technology??? Right… This has been issue #4 of IBM i bumper stickers. Collect them all. *************************************************** Follow Joe Hertvik on Twitter @JoeHertvik. You can also … Continue reading

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IT Jungle: PSGi Provides 3rd Party Support for Just About **ANY** Aging IBM i ERP System

From Alex Woodie at IT Jungle: Companies that find it increasingly difficult to get good help for their old, unsupported, or heavily customized IBM i-based ERP systems may be interested in a new offering recently unveiled by Precision Solutions Group … Continue reading

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IBM i Daily News Back On-Line

After a service outage with the Paper.Li Web site, the IBM i Daily News is back up and running. This site aggregates daily news and information from around the IBM i world. Check it out sometime to find stories and … Continue reading

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Big IBM Announcement on Apri 11th–Integrated Expertise: Unveiling a New Era of Computing

IBM’s promoting a big announcement at 60 locations on April 11th that (according to Big Blue) will demonstrate:

A new computing category that will completely change the way you deploy, manage and fund IT. And one that will change your business from the moment it is installed.

These new integrated hardware and software systems are designed specifically for the types of workloads that you most frequently deploy to help you operate and optimize your business. They’re designed to get new application projects up and running in as little as four hours – cutting months off the usual deployment time.

The event is called Integrated Expertise: Unveiling a New Era of Computing, and you can register here.

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