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IBM i Jeopardy…The Category is AnyNet i 7.1 Support: The Answer is No and Yes

As shops prepare to upgrade from i5/OS V5R4 to i 7.1, some people may have questions about AnyNet capability on the i 7.1 operating system. Specifically, is AnyNet still supported in i 7.1 and can you access it in i 7.1?

The answers are no and yes. Here’s what’s happening.

AnyNet is a method IBM uses to run SNA communications traffic over a TCP/IP network. AnyNet has been a staple of IBM communications for a long time but IBM is phasing it out starting with the i 7.1 operating system. IBM had made a statement of direction a few years ago saying that:

“AnyNet support is also available in V5R3 through V6R1, however, IBM plans to withdraw support of AnyNet in the release following V6R1; customers currently using AnyNet should start to move to Enterprise Extender in preparation for this.”

Reading that statement, you would assume IBM is withdrawing AnyNet functionality in version 7.1 and beyond.

That would be a wrong assumption.

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