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Historically Correct But…Things PureSystems Have in Common with the old AS/400 Systems

Interesting blog post this morning from Waleed Youssef on IBM’s Expert Integrated Systems blog comparing IBM’s new PureSystems box with the historical AS/400 systems IBM produced in the late 1980s and in the 1990s. Besides the Rochester connection, there’s a lot of … Continue reading

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IBM Clamping Down on BYOD Security Risks

In what I’d expect to see across the industry, Managed Hosting News (Hostway) is reporting that IBM is imposing additional restrictions on the use of BYOD machines in their workplace. This harkens back to one of my previous posts about … Continue reading

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IT Jungle: Three Ways to Fix NetServer Access Problems

IT Jungle just published my latest tech tip on solving NetServer access problem. You may have seen this issue where all of a sudden, a user loses their connection to an IBM i NetServer file share and cannot get it back. This tip … Continue reading

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One More Thing to Check on Your UPS Systems

If you’re using a UPS to power critical equipment or to transition power to a generator during a power outage, think about the life span of the capacitors used inside that system. Besides batteries, a large-scale UPS also uses capacitor … Continue reading

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IBM i Support Projected Past 2020

This came up in a Twitter feed the other day so I’d thought I’d reiterate it here. At the iBelieve event, IBM has been quoted as saying that it is projecting support for IBM i past the year 2020. Support … Continue reading

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Gartner: “BYOD is Driving IT Crazy”…Oh Yeah, Just Wait

CIO Magazine has an article this week about the security challenges being posed by companies embracing Bring Your Own Device policies (BYOD). Not to sound dense, but no one’s thought about this before??? The funny thing is I’m thinking they … Continue reading

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IT Jungle: IBM i and AIX Shops Pay a Premium Over Power Linux Buyers

This is the stuff that makes me crazy. From Tim Prickett Morgan at IT Jungle. To put it bluntly, IBM’s pricing on the new PowerLinux 7R2 rack-based server, which is only certified to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE … Continue reading

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