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IBM i QuickTip: Time to Install Cume PTFs for i 6.1 or i 7.1?

Looking at IT Jungle’s latest System i PTF Guide, I noticed the following new cumulative PTF groups have been released for the IBM i 6.1 and 7.1 operating systems. i 6.1 – 2122 – Released around May 1, 2012 i … Continue reading

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IBM i QuickTip: Adjusting IBM i Access After an Upgrade

After my latest IBM i 6.1 upgrade, some of my users started getting CPF9E17 messages (Usage limit exceeded  – operator action required) when starting a Personal Communications green-screen session (PC5250). The problem was that in addition to the software license keys IBM … Continue reading

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Admin Alert: The Right Way to Delete IBM i User Profiles, Part 1

IT Jungle just published part one of my two-part article on how to properly delete IBM i user profiles. It’s a primer on how to get the most out of the deletion process including: What you need to do in … Continue reading

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IBM i QuickTip: When IBM i Image Catalogs Fight Replication Software

When we performed two IBM i 6.1 upgrades off Image Catalogs in the last week, we observed an interesting phenomena. Sometimes the system would refuse to load or verify our image catalogs. We’d either get a message that the image … Continue reading

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IT Jungle: The EU Used Software Ruling and How it Affects IBM i Customers

Alex Woodie has a nice piece in IT Jungle about the early July European Union court ruling that opened the door for customers to resell vendor software. While this ruling doesn’t have any effect in the US, Alex looks at … Continue reading

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IBM i Quick Tip: Copy and Paste in IBM i Access for Windows 7.1 Green Screens

My shop just migrated from System i Access for Windows V5R4M0 to IBM i Access for Windows V7R1M0, and we’re still looking at the differences between the two programs. One of the small things I noticed is the difference between Copy and … Continue reading

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Easy Fixes: First Thing to Try for Internet Explorer Problems

I am constantly amazed by the simple fixes that you sometimes can apply for Windows problems. Take Internet Explorer for example. Over the course of the last week, I’ve found one simple fix that was either recommended to solve or … Continue reading

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