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IT Jungle: Automatically Answering Unable to Allocate Record Messages

IT Jungle just published my latest tip on automatically answering record lock messages. Here’s the question I answered in this tip: We have a persistent problem with application jobs waiting on record locks with an RNQ1218 (unable to allocate a … Continue reading

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Case Study: Creativity in Solving Software Licensing Issues

Here’s a case study I recently encountered that discusses how an IT shop approached and handled a sporadic licensing issue with some of its warehouse software. Summary A manufacturing company occasionally exceeds their 50 user limit for warehouse scanning software. … Continue reading

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What is a White Paper?

“White papers are a time-tested format for long-form copy that combine expository and persuasive writing, whose roots go back more than 100 years and whose future stretches ahead for as long as companies sell anything new, complex, and expensive that … Continue reading

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Recommended Listening: The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

The Icarus Deception is a decent book about Seth Godin’s perceived end of the industrial economy and how the future will belong to those who make more direct connections and focus on their “art” rather than fitting in and becoming an industrial cog. Continue reading

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Interesting InfoTech Article: Is IBM i a Dying Platform or Going Strong?

Correction: When I originally posted this piece, I didn’t realize I was talking about an article from 2011. I realized that mistake later. But what strikes me most about this analysis is that the original article could have been written … Continue reading

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What is a Technical Writer?

Someone who answers questions that have only recently been asked. Read more [...]Like this:Like Loading…

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Using Windows 7 Switch Users Feature to Share Computers

Running a Help Desk, every once in a while I’ll get a request to create a generic user so several people can use the same computer. The problem is that auditors frown on generic users as it removes accountability and … Continue reading

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