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Cross-Company Marketing Pieces for the Technical Marketplace

tracks crossingThere are a lot of benefits when companies partner together to get more value for their promotional pieces by producing cross-company marketing materials. Continue reading

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Getting a Discount with IBM i Solution Edition Machines

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If you’re looking to reduce acquisition costs on your next Power systems machine, be sure to look at IBM i Solution Edition boxes.

IBM i Solution Edition boxes are specially packaged and priced Power 720 and 740 machines that can only be purchased in combination with third-party applications from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Through the program, if you already own one of the ISV’s packages or are purchasing a package with a new machine, IBM offers a discount for the Power systems hardware that will run your software. Continue reading

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IBM’s Damaged Object Detection (DOD) Tool for i 6.1 & 7.1

IBM is delivering a Damaged Object Detection (DOD) tool via PTF for IBM i 6.1 and 7.1. If you’ve ever had a backup stop dead in its tracks because of a damaged object, you’ll be interested in this puppy. The PTF … Continue reading

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Viewing Joe’s Blog on Pinterest

My Pinterest message board is growing nicely. We’re pinning every new article I put out so it’s an alternate way to view our new content. Click here or on the image if you want to check it out.   … Continue reading

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Editing MS Word 2010 Docs in Two Places with Split Screen

Sometimes when you’re editing a MS Word 2010 document, you need to work in two different sections of the document at the same time. I ran into this recently when I was writing up a software review and I needed … Continue reading

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Is It Me or is IE 9 Just Not Doing the Job Anymore?

In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed Internet Explorer starting to choke on Web sites that it used to handle with ease. Here’s some examples I’ve recently run into where IE isn’t quite up to snuff. I use IE 9 at … Continue reading

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IBM i QuickTip: IBM i 6.1 Fix for When You Can’t Start an FTP Session after a 6.1 Upgrade

During a recent IBM i high availability exercise, we found that we couldn’t use FTP on our Capacity BackUp server (CBU). Every time, we tried to start a FTP session to the CBU, the server would close the session and … Continue reading

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