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An IBM Technical Delivery Assessment Primer

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When you buy an IBM hardware product, the business partner or IBM will generally perform a Technical Delivery Assessment (TDA) meeting with you to insure that the solution you’re going to buy is appropriate for your environment and meets your needs. Continue reading

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What Happens to the Giving IBM i When You Terminate a Lease?

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In my February 12th IT Jungle article on returning your IBM i machines to the leasing company, I discussed why it’s important to inventory your Power i box (an IBM Power system machine running the IBM i operating system) before returning it to the vendor. This is because it’s common practice to perform in-lease upgrades to Power i machines, where equipment is removed and replaced to add new capabilities.
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Comparing the PureSystems #10Kandcounting Standard Versus the Power i Standard and Vice Versa

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With IBM recently announcing that “IBM PureSystems family of expert integrated systems…have now shipped more than 10,000 units through the 4th Quarter of 2013″, is this a significant number compared against the number of existing accounts and installations for the IBM i family (Power 4 and above)? Continue reading

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ZD Net: IBM Q4 Mixed, Power Systems Sales Down 31%, Server Sales Tank

newspaper iconWhat’s happening with IBM Power Systems sales?

ZDNet is reporting that while IBM earnings were better than expected, revenue sales missed their target, and Power Systems revenue decreased by 31% from a year ago and overall server revenue decreased by 25%.
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Six Rules of Thumb for Buying IBM i 3rd Party Software

Keep these things in mind when planning to buy IBM i 3rd party software for your shop Continue reading

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Getting a Discount with IBM i Solution Edition Machines

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If you’re looking to reduce acquisition costs on your next Power systems machine, be sure to look at IBM i Solution Edition boxes.

IBM i Solution Edition boxes are specially packaged and priced Power 720 and 740 machines that can only be purchased in combination with third-party applications from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Through the program, if you already own one of the ISV’s packages or are purchasing a package with a new machine, IBM offers a discount for the Power systems hardware that will run your software. Continue reading

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What Does an IBM i OS License cost?

If you’re looking to add another IBM i (AS/400) operating system license to your Power systems box, here’s a rough guide for what you might expect to pay for your new OS from IBM. For P10 boxes, an OS licenses … Continue reading

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