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IBM i for Power Systems, Power i, IBM i: What Do You Mean by That? A Primer (Rev 2.0)

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Since their introduction, there’s always been some confusion about what people mean when they say Power i and IBM i. The terms are not interchangeable.

Here’s my primer on when and how to use the terms Power i and IBM i.
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IBM i Incident Management Planning, Part 1

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From IT Jungle, the seven critical elements of an IBM i Incident Management Plan and how to implement them. Continue reading

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IBM i System Monitoring: What Should I Monitor on My Partitions?

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IT Jungle just published my latest tip on IBM i system monitoring.

In that article, I go through all the general areas that should be monitored on an IBM i and provide some tips on what to look for in these areas.
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IT Jungle: Saying Goodbye to an Old Power i

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IT Jungle just posted my latest article covering the steps to take when returning a Power i system (Power systems hardware running the IBM i operating system) to a leasing company. Continue reading

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Patrick Botz White Paper: A Guide to Practical Single Sign-On

Patrick Botz, the father of IBM i Single Sign-On (SSO) has put out a white paper called A Guide to Practial Single Sign-On. Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Link to IBM i-related content on LinkedIn & Twitter?

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I’d love to link to more IBM i-related articles on LinkedIn and Twitter, but why is it so hard for me to link to your stuff? Continue reading

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Recommended IT Jungle Reading: The Once and Future IBM i System

itj-logoIf you’re involved in the IBM i world, I recommend you read two recent articles by Timothy Prickett Morgan, where he covers the aging of IBM i servers and what IBM could do about it.
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