How to Delete a LinkedIn Status Update

delete button from wikipedia commonsUse LinkedIn’s delete option if you made a mistake and want to delete a LinkedIn status update.

Deleting an update is easy. Here’s how to do it, along with how a deleted status update can still appear in your connections’ mailboxes. Continue reading

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IT Purchasing Math: 8 Ways that Confusion = Profit

handing off confusionThere’s a simple equation to keep in mind if you’re not sure you’re getting a fair deal when making a major IT purchase:

Confusion = Profit

A related equation goes like this:

Rushed deals = Profit

This is directly related to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). The more a vendor can confuse you and make you believe numbers that may not be in your best interest or try to convince you that you really have to buy NOW, the greater the odds are that you’ll make a bad deal.

My best advice is that for a major IT purchase (several hundreds of thousands of dollars),  don’t buy it  if you don’t understand the deal. Wait until you understand exactly what they’re offering and at what price before you make your move. Continue reading

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IT Change Management: 8 Reasons You Need a Checklist for Implementing IT Projects

feedback checklistOne of the habits I push in my shop is to over-rely on checklists and to game plan any change we put on to my Power boxes or in my Data Centers. A good checklist is invaluable in situations where you have to take down a critical piece of equipment, make some significant change, and bring it back up again in a short amount of time (say in three hours on a Sunday morning).

IMHO, a good checklist does the following things when you make changes: Continue reading

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Creating a URL for LinkedIn Activity Feeds

linked in pen pictureHere’s a technique I found to retrieve the URLs to view your own and people’s LinkedIn activity feeds.

This technique is still new so please let me know what your results are and I’ll update this post in the future.

Here’s the technique I used to retrieve a custom URL to view my LinkedIn activity feed. Continue reading

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Editing LinkedIn Headlines to Showcase Your Personal Brand

linkedin official iconYou may not realize this but the professional headline on your LinkedIn profile is editable, which opens up all sorts of possibilities within LinkedIn.

Editing your headline allows you to make a statement about yourself, create a mini-ad for your services or products, or add SEO keywords right on your LinkedIn page. Changing your headline also allows you to make LinkedIn work harder for you, showcasing your personal brand in large type right at the top of your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s how to take advantage of this feature.

Continue reading

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RPO, RTO, RTA: Explaining 3 Common Disaster Recovery Terms

If you work with business continuity (BC), disaster recovery (DR), or high availability (HA), you’re bound to run across the following terms:

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Recovery Time Actual (RTA)
  • The RTA-RTO Gap

Because these acronyms are so similar, it’s easy to confuse them with each other. Here’s a primer on what each of these terms mean and how they can help your IT shop in BC, DR, and HA planning. Continue reading

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Use an @ to Create Profile Links in LinkedIn Shares

linkedin share button

LinkedIn Tip: Use the ’@’ sign if you want to create profile links in LinkedIn shares



How it works

In a recent LI share, I included a link to my colleague Dan Burger’s LinkedIn profile by typing the share this way.

IBM i news from @Dan Burger at IT Jungle: Fresche Legacy acquires looksoftware.

Continue reading

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