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IT Jungle: Reorganizing IBM i Files To Improve Disk Performance, Parts 1 & 2

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IT Jungle finished posting my series on how to reorganize IBM I files to increase disk processing efficiency.

These present a reasonable template for detecting and reorganizing your most active IBM i files to improve disk processing efficiency. Continue reading

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Current List of IBM i Community Posts

Revision process

Here’s my current set of IBM i community posts containing vendors and content providers who service the platform.

If you know of anyone else who is posting IBM i vendor- and function-specific lists, please let me know at joe@joehertvik.com . Also let me know if you think there’s someone who should be included on any of these lists or you know a good market segment for a future list. Continue reading

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IT Jungle: The Complete IBM i Incident Management Plan, Parts 1 and 2

itj-logoIT Jungle just posted the last chapter in my series on

How to Create an Incident Management Plan for your IBM i configuration. This series covers the seven critical elements every IBM i incident management plan should include.
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IBM i for Power Systems, Power i, IBM i: What Do You Mean by That? A Primer (Rev 2.0)

ibm i a system designed for business

Since their introduction, there’s always been some confusion about what people mean when they say Power i and IBM i. The terms are not interchangeable.

Here’s my primer on when and how to use the terms Power i and IBM i.
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IBM i Incident Management Planning, Part 1

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From IT Jungle, the seven critical elements of an IBM i Incident Management Plan and how to implement them. Continue reading

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IT Jungle: How to automatically answer IBM i record locks


From my latest IT Jungle tip:

My Power i system is driving me crazy with RPG1218 record lock messages. We receive RPG1218 messages several times a day. Is there any way to auto-answer these record locks? Continue reading

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What Happens to the Giving IBM i When You Terminate a Lease?

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In my February 12th IT Jungle article on returning your IBM i machines to the leasing company, I discussed why it’s important to inventory your Power i box (an IBM Power system machine running the IBM i operating system) before returning it to the vendor. This is because it’s common practice to perform in-lease upgrades to Power i machines, where equipment is removed and replaced to add new capabilities.
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