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Filtering Your LinkedIn Connections Shared Status Updates

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Use this URL if you only want to view what your LinkedIn connections have shared on your LinkedIn home page.
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Getting Rid of Annoying Google Plus Hot and Recommended Posts in Your Home Feed

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If you’re sick of unwanted and annoying Hot and Recommended posts in your Google+ home feed, here’s an easy process to get rid of them. Continue reading

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IBM i QuickTip: Fixing the Excel Add-in for IBM i Access 6.1/7.1

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When upgrading to IBM i Access for Windows 6.1 or 7.1 (formerly System i for Windows, Client Access for Windows, etc), IBM changed the technology used for the Excel data transfer add-in. And that change could break your Excel-to-IBM i data transfers.
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IT Jungle: Four Ways to Move an IBM i Partition, Part 2


IT Jungle just posted my latest tip focusing on moving an IBM i partition from one machine to another using vendor replication software, such as Vision Solutions’ Mimix. Continue reading

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How to Remove a LinkedIn Connection

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Here’s a quick way to remove a LinkedIn Connection.
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Best Practices: Alway use a Shared System Console for Your IBM i Partition


When working on an IBM i partition system console, the best practice is to always start the console as a shared system console. Here’s why. Continue reading

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IT Jungle: IBM i Q&A with Terri Virnig, IBM VP of Power Ecosystem & Strategy

I_information_blanc_rouge_Dan Burger from IT Jungle published a series of IBM i Q&A emails with Terri Virnig, IBM’s VP of Power Ecosystem Strategy about the status and future of IBM i on Power systems Continue reading

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The Cardinal Rule of IT Management: One Deployment at a Time

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After managing IBM i systems, data centers, networks, telephone systems, deployments, etc. for 25+ years, I’ve developed one cardinal rule for major rollouts for SMB staffs.

Don’t perform more than one major project on the same day
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Why Can’t I Link to IBM i-related content on LinkedIn & Twitter?

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I’d love to link to more IBM i-related articles on LinkedIn and Twitter, but why is it so hard for me to link to your stuff? Continue reading

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A Day in the Life: Joe’s Current Project List for Various Customers

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2014 is shaping up as a busy year for us here at Hertvik Business Services. Here are some of the recent and upcoming projects from my current project list that we’re working on for various clients.
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Viewing All of Joe’s LinkedIn and Twitter Posts

linkedin official iconGo to this URL if you want to see all of Joe Hertvik’s LinkedIn and Twitter posts. Continue reading

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Hertvik Business Services Now Offers Consulting on Power Systems (IBMi, aka AS/400) Purchasing

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIf you’re buying a new IBM Power systems box IBM i processing (aka AS/400), Hertvik Business Services offers consulting on buying and leasing Power hardware Continue reading

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Power System Purchase Strategies: IBM Just Offered Me a TIP Letter…Now What?

two tip jarsIf you’re working on a new Power system purchase and the IBM rep and business partner feel you’re close to purchasing, IBM may offer you a TIP letter to help you make a decision now instead of later.

A TIP letter is an IBM offer that if you buy a new or upgraded machine by a certain date, IBM will give you x amount of credit in IBM or business partner services on future purchases, as long as the specified purchase is completed and shipped by a certain date. A TIP can be used for new IBM hardware or software or to buy services from an authorized IBM business partner. It can’t be used to pay taxes and the used TIP amount will be paid out as a check. Continue reading

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On Automated IBM i Monitoring–One Client’s Experience

watching dogOne of the best things a client of mine has ever done is to put in automated monitoring for their IBM i systems.

This client used to run like a 1980s-1990s Data Center. They had after-hours and weekend night shift operators pretty much doing nothing but watching the system, looking for problems. When they saw IBM i messages that needed answering, the operators were responsible for dealing with the problem.

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Happy New Year: Time to Check Your IBM i Robot Date Objects?

January 2014 calendarIf you’re an IBM i shop running Help/Systems Robot/SCHEDULE software, January is a good time to check any Date Objects that SCHEDULE uses to process jobs. Continue reading

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