Angus the IT Chap has an IBM i Survey for you

I’ve recently started checking out Angus’s blog on IBM i unity , but he has to be one of the more vocal proponents of IBM i unity out there. Very impressive and pro-IBM i (don’t you dare call it an iSeries or, gasp, an AS/400 around him), it’s cool to check out what he’s up to, if only to view his retrospective pictures on the history of the platform from the AS/400 through IBM i on Power (very funny…and true).

Angus is currently surveying the IBM i community about their perception of the platform. If you want to join in the survey and register your voice, go to the 20i2 Web site and click on the survey link. It’s easy to take and no one has lost any teeth filling it out…yet. All surveys are anonymous.


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2 Responses to Angus the IT Chap has an IBM i Survey for you

  1. Angus says:


    Thanks for the support. I appreciate the link…

    As for what you say “around him”, you probably should hang out with me once in a while – it is way more fun than “gasp”! 🙂


    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Sorry, Trevor. My apologies if I worded that a little too strongly. You sound like someone who’d be a riot to hang out with. I like the tone of your Web site, especially the funny pictures. More please.

      As far as hanging out, if you’re ever in Chicago….

      But I agree with the main point of your site. We probably should be gasping whenever someone says AS/400 instead of IBM i. Language is important. Saying ‘AS/400‘ when talking about ‘IBM i‘ is like:

      – Saying silent movies when talking about the 3-D blockbusters

      – Saying Model T when you’re talking about a Ferari

      – Saying Pee-Wee Herman when you’re talking about Superman

      – Saying Windows 3.1 when you’re talking about Windows 7

      And it should get about the same response. It denotes a person who really hasn’t kept up with the platform. I hadn’t really thought about it too much but I’m pretty much on board with this.

      Be sure to let me know when you get the results of the survey….Joe

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