Another Thing You Can’t Ship to a Data Center Any More…Compressed Air

proceed-caution-stopIf you run a Data Center, be aware that the list of items that can’t be shipped or need to be shipped in a specific format is widening.

For Data Center managers, the latest entry in the items that can go boom when shipped list is..compressed air cans.

My shop uses compressed air cans a lot for cleaning and blowing gunk out of machines. I placed an on-line order for ten canisters on a particular hardware vendors Web site and got the order cancelled because the vendor “is no longer allowed to ship compressed air, it is meant for will call customers only.”

So if you order supplies, be aware of shipping issues with compressed air and that you may have to pick them up yourself from now on. In my case, I just stopped by and picked up the air at Office Depot, but it’s a hassle¬†when you can’t have them delivered anymore.

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(updated on December 27, 2013)

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