Auditing Tweets on IBM i Using Materials That are Lying Around Your Shop

One of the challenges facing financial companies is that they are now being audited for text messages sent to social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This can be a daunting challenge in gathering information from several different twitter streams.

To solve this, Aaron Bartell of Krengeltech came up with an IBM i utility to use RPG to perform twitter searches and dump the results into a DB2 table. He does it by using RPG, the open source Twitter4j project, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Pretty cool stuff and definitely filling a need in the financial community.

If you’re interested, read Aaron’s article on DeveloperWorks . Aaron’s email contact info is also in the article.


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1 Response to Auditing Tweets on IBM i Using Materials That are Lying Around Your Shop

  1. Greg says:

    When Microsoft paid $8B for skype, everyone said Microsoft really overpaid because they could have downloaded it for free. This is a similar situation. When I search Google for one of the tweets shown in the results of the query at the bottom of the Developer Works article, I get the exact tweet in 0.19 seconds and I get it even though I scrambled the order of the search words. The biggest problem is that in storing the tweets in a SQL table, all the search functionality that is shown on the Advanced Twitter Search page which the article links to is lost. Aside from Google, open source tools can be used more effectively than DB2. Apache Lucene uses a system that is optimized for indexing and searching text. The government uses it when they read your email … everyone’s email. I just can’t see what benefit is provided by storing tweets on an AS400

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