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Like to post your thoughts here on about the IBM i system, PureSystems, creating marketing materials on technical subjects, tech writing, or LinkedIn or Twitter tips for industry managers, vendors, or writers?

For a limited time, I’m experimenting with opening my blog up to one guest post a week on any of these topics to qualified writers. So if you have a hankering to write, I may have a spot for you. So email me some quick ideas on what you’d like to write and let’s see if we have a fit. 

My guidelines are simple:

  1. All guest posts are provided for free. I don’t take ads (yet) and have no money to pay for content. So you’ll be writing for the greater good of the community and not for the greater green of your pocket.
  2. No blatant sales information or press releases. We want solid technical information, news, or commentary that vendors, managers, and tech writers can use…particularly about the IBM i environment and the new PureSystems machines. Mention your product in context but it shouldn’t be the sole focus of the article.
  3. Stay on blog topic. No random, off-topic, rambling jaunts into unrelated topics unless you’re me…that’s my job.
  4. Make your information valuable to the readers. Post should be less than 400 words. Make it tight but valuable.
  5. Original work only. No recycled content and no posts ripped off another site
  6. I reserve the right not to publish or to pull a post if there are issues. I also reserve the right to stop the guest blogger program at any time.
  7. No naughty language
  8. You allow me co-publishing rights to anything you put up. We both are able to post and use whatever you write. Link to a guest post from other sites.
  9. Guidelines can and will change at any time without notice.

Let me know if you’re interested.


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About Joe Hertvik

Joe is the owner of Hertvik Business Services, a service company providing written white papers, case studies, and other marketing content to computer industry companies. He is also a contributing editor for IT Jungle and has written the Admin Alert column for the past ten years. Follow Joe Hertvik on Twitter @JoeHertvik. Email Joe for a free quote on white papers, case studies, brochures, or other marketing materials.
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  1. We are an IBM BP specializing in ERP, MRP and Retail. I have 3 programmers that write in RPG LE and PHP on the Power i. In business since 1979, we cater toward not only modifying existing packages, but also creating software that provide unique and streamlined solutions. Our clients range from 10 users to over 100 from around the USA. My focus is the small installs that don’t know how good they can have it and also I’d be interested in the ones that are considering moving over to the dark side of M$.

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