Cool White Paper: Why IBM i for SAP

I’ve always wondered why IBM hasn’t pushed IBM i for SAP more. I’ve always heard its performance is incredible, they have the built-in database, they have partitioning technology that is second to none, and like most IBM i shops, you don’t need a big staff to administer a large setup.

Well somebody at IBM is thinking about SAP on IBM i. In November 2011, Walter Lang published a White Paper called Why IBM i for SAP – The Benefits of IBM i and IBM POWER Technology for SAP Business Solutions. It’s not an ultra-slick White Paper (for some reason known only to God, it’s submitted as a Word Doc, not a PDF), but it gets the message across: IBM i may be the best platform out for SAP.

So take a look at this paper, particularly if you’re looking for your next generation ERP solution and you want to continue running an IBM i box.

You can download and read it here.


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