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Note: since this article was written, LinkedIn re-added the ability to see individual user activity feeds inside LI profiles. This feature was added back to profile browser views in May 2014. Click on this link to see how to view an individual’s activity feed from their Linked user profile.


**Original article from December 2013***

As I reported previously, in December 2013 LinkedIn removed the activity feed from all LinkedIn profile pages. As a result, you can no longer see all the recent activity (status updates, profile changes, discussion comments, etc) directly from a user’s LI profile page.

After writing that post, I started a discussion in the LinkedIn Strategies group, asking people what they were doing to compensate for the missing activity feeds. That discussion showcased several different helpful alternatives for viewing individual activity feeds outside of a LI user’s profile page.

Here are the alternatives the group found for viewing LinkedIn activity feeds for any LinkedIn user you are connected to. Thanks to all who contributed to this discovery process.

First, LinkedIn only seems to have removed the activity feed for individual profiles when using PC and laptop browsers. You can still click on an individual user’s activity feeds when viewing their profiles through mobile phones and tablet applications. If you have a mobile device, load one of these URLs into your browser: or

From either of these URLs, you should be able to view an individual LinkedIn connection’s recent activity feed from your touch screen.

These URLs will not work for devices that are not enabled for touch screens such as Windows 7 and Mac browsers. But they should work for Windows 8 machines that are touch-screen enabled.

Next, we have reports that you can also view an individual user’s recent activity feed or your own activity feed by using the LinkedIn App. So that’s a second alternative for getting to the lost activity feed.

Getting individual user activity feeds on mobile devices and apps has also been confirmed by the @LinkedInHelp team. Discussion group member Tom Humbarger tweeted the lost activity feed issue to @LinkedInHelp and they responded with the following explanation.

…As for the activity feed on mobile devices, The mobile team is currently evaluating the experience, but in the meantime, the activity feed on the profile from LinkedIn’s mobile phone and tablet apps will continue to be accessible.

So LinkedIn is still supporting activity feed viewing on touch-screen and mobile devices through mobile browsers and the LinkedIn app. But according to @LinkedInHelp, they are still evaluating the “experience” and they may not support it forever. The result is we have an alternative for losing activity feeds on a browser screen, at least for now.

Finally, LinkedIn provides ways to view your own shared status updates, all the shared status updates for your connections, and all the LinkedIn group activities for your connections. Here are links to items you might find useful when looking for your own or other people’s LI activities.

Finding your current LinkedIn Activity feed

Filtering Your LinkedIn Connections Shared Status Updates

Finding LinkedIn Group Activity for all your connections

Thanks to the following LinkedIn Strategies discussion group members who helped discover and promote these alternatives. I’ll also be posting a link to this article in that LinkedIn discussion today.

Doug Ales
Niki-Eliza Arapogianni
Alexandra Ballantine
Sharon Beck Edelman
David Cid
Kurt Foedisch
JD Gershbein
Tom Humbarger


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