From the Admin Alert archives: Two articles on semi-restricted state

I’ve been writing an IBM i-based column (AS/400) on System i, iSeries, and Power i system administration for Timothy Prickett-Morgan at IT Jungle since 2002 (thanks, TPM).

Tim keeps all of these articles on archive at his site on the Admin Alert Web page. Check it out sometime if you’re looking to do something with administering an IBM i machine (#IBMi).

This week, I’m featuring two articles I wrote for IT Jungle’s Admin Alert column on IBM i semi-restricted state. This is a term I used when a client asked me how to put his iSeries partition in a special form of i/OS restricted state, where the system is restricted but administrators can still use their Ethernet lines and TCP/IP to download fixes and do maintenance.

Semi-restricted state cuts your system off from its usual system processing while allowing you to still reach your partition remotely through TCP/IP. I wrote the following two pieces on semi-restricted state.

  1. Putting Your System in Semi-Restriced State – The original article that described the process
  2. More Information on Semi-Restricted State, Vendor Profiles, and Storage Pools, where I published some reader expansions on my original idea.

I hope these links help in administering your IBM i shop.

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