LinkedIn Discussion: Getting a List of Power i/IBM i OS Hosting Vendors

In the IBM i Professionals group in LinkedIn, Aaron Bartell has opened a discussion intended to create a list of vendors that offer IBM i OS partitions in the cloud. Or as Aaron puts it:

I was hoping we could start a list of vendors that offer IBM i OS in the cloud as a monthly lease service similar to how Amazon does its EC2 service, or how leases resources (i.e. hardware, OS, database, bandwidth, etc).

This is turning into a good discussion and a fair-sized list of vendors who host IBM i partitions. The discussion is now starting to turn to what happens when the thread ends and where can people go to get a compiled list of all the vendors. When I get information on the final list, I’ll try to let you know.

You can view the discussion and join in by clicking here in LinkedIn or you can try going into the LinkedIn IBM i Professionals group, click on Discussions and select the A list of IBM i OS Hosting Vendors discussion.

Note: you must be a member of the IBM i Professionals group to join in.


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