IBM Announces Withdrawal of Systems Director Management Console in Favor of HMC

Regarding my post the other day about IBM putting out instructions for replacing the Systems Director Management Console (SDMC) with the Hardware Management Console (HMC) for managing Power system servers, IBM pointed me to their software announcement on April 24th announcing the withdrawal of SDMC from marketing in favor of enhancing the HMC.

Per IBM:

  • Effective April 24, 2012, IBM is withdrawing the 5765-MCH IBM Systems Director Management Console Hardware Appliance from marketing. Support will be withdrawn on April 30, 2015
  • The replacement product for 5765-MCH is 7042-CR6 feature 0962

Their statement of direction regarding for system management capabilities for Power systems hardware is as follows:

IBM intends to enhance its systems management capabilities for Power Systems hardware as follows:

  • Continued integration between the base platform management capabilities in HMC and advanced capabilities in IBM Systems Director
  • Enhancement of the HMC to add support for Power Systems blades and mixed rack and blade server environments
  • New HMC virtual appliance offering
  • New process for transitioning from SDMC to HMC
  • Improved usability
  • Enhancement of HMC to provide RAID1 support

So it’s official. The SDMC is out and the HMC is back in for Power systems management, with more enhancements coming for the HMC.

To read the entire announcement, go here.


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