IBM i QuickTip: Adjusting IBM i Access After an Upgrade

After my latest IBM i 6.1 upgrade, some of my users started getting CPF9E17 messages (Usage limit exceeded  – operator action required) when starting a Personal Communications green-screen session (PC5250).

The problem was that in addition to the software license keys IBM delivers for IBM i Access for Windows and System i Access for Windows (5761XW1), there is also a virtual license key for 5761XW1 that still needed to be applied. This key does not show up on the IBM i License Key Web site. It has to be entered manually after the upgrade is complete.

The CPF9E17 messages that appear don’t prevent the users from starting their system. However, you do have to adjust your 5761XW1 licensing to prevent the messages from appearing and to prevent any problems from occurring with your license.

Here’s how to adjust your licensing for 5761XW1 to stop the CPFE917 messages from appearing and to keep your licensing accurate.

  1. The problem is in the IBM i System Access Family licensed product, 5761XW1 feature 5050 licensed program. The usage limit and the threshold on the product are both set to zero (0) after an upgrade. These values need to be set to the same usage limit/threshold as your System i Access Enablement Support license, 5761XW1 feature 5101.
  2. Look up the usage limit and threshold for 5761XW1 feature 5101 by entering the Work with License Information command (WRKLICINF) and placing a ‘5=Display detail’ in front of the 5761XW feature 5101 product. Write down the usage limit and threshold from this screen.  These values are the number of users that your shop is currently licensed for.
  3. Enter the following Change License Information command (CHGLICINF) to adjust your licensing for the IBM i System Access family product and press the F4 key to prompt for additional parameters.


      Press the F9 key for all parameters. Enter the usage limit and threshold you retrieved in  step one from the  5761XW1 feature 5101 product in the Usage limit  (USGLMT) and Threshold (THRESHOLD) parameters. Press Enter.

This will stop the message from appearing for your users and make sure your System i or IBM i Access products continue running without problems. At this point, the messages will stop.

So try this fix if you run into this same IBM i Access for Windows problem the next time you upgrade.



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