IBM i QuickTip: Determining Total Disk Space Used and Free Disk Space on a Partition

The easiest way to get your IBM i total disk capacity and free disk space is by using the Work with System Status command (WRKSYSSTS).


The System ASP information is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen in the System ASP value. In this case, it’s 5582 Gb. This screen also provides the percentage of storage used, but it doesn’t provide the actual storage amount used. Getting the actual storage amount used is relatively easy if you use the following equation.

Total Disk Storage Used = (System ASP * % system ASP used) / 100

For this example, my total disk space used is:

(5582 * 66.5801%) / 100 = 3716.50 Gb

Once you have this number, you can easily calculate your free disk storage space by using this equation.

Free disk storage space available = System ASP – Total Disk Storage Used

If our case, that translates out to:

5582 – 3716.50 = 1865.5 Gb

And that’s how easy it is to calculate free disk space on an IBM i partition.


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