IT Jungle: Cleaning Up Excessive Job Logs on Your IBM i Box

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IT Jungle just published my latest tip on detecting and deleting excessive job logs on an IBM i machine.

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2 Responses to IT Jungle: Cleaning Up Excessive Job Logs on Your IBM i Box

  1. Robert Clay says:


    I do something similar on one of my LPARs where this had become a problem.

    I follow it up with a daily scheduled job to reclaim the spool storage during non-peak hours, as well because it has relatively few resources (and every little bit helps). This may also be helpful for LPARs that aren’t IPL’d regularly.

    Schedule a command like this (adjusted for the environment, of course):

    LOG(4 00 *SECLVL)

    Ironically, it produces a joblog itself, but isn’t necessary. 🙂

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Thanks, Robert. We don’t usually run RCLSPLSTG because we have it set up i our system values, but this is a great idea too. It’s amazing how much space spooled files can take up, if you let them. On one of my client systems, it was up to 10% of usuable storage.

      Love that PRINTNOT output queue name. Have to put one of those on my system.

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