IT Jungle: Minimizing IBM i IPL Surprises With The IPL Startup Kit

itj-logoIT Jungle has posted my current article on properly prepping for an IBM i IPL by creating and using an IPL Startup Kit.

I cover the following territory in this article:

To help prevent surprises, here’s an IPL startup kit that you can put together and use before and after your next IPL. The kit can help you look for items that need to be added to your system startup routine. It can also help you find items that should have been restarted during your IPL but weren’t.

This was inspired when I recently got burnt IPLingĀ one of our Power 6 partitions and some things stopped working thatĀ had been working, pre-IPL. So hopefully you can learn from my experience and mitigate some of the risks involved in an IBM i IPL.

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  1. Richard Comstock says:

    In the IPL Startup Kit you said “2. A listing of all critical QFileSvr.400 and QNTC entries and where they map to.” How would this be done? Is there an easy method?

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