Hiding and Unhiding LinkedIn Status Updates from the über Poster

linked mulitplesThere’s an option to hide or unhide LinkedIn status updates from any of your connections, if a connection gets too zealous in putting out daily updates. Here’s how to do it.

I found a cool trick for dealing with the LinkedIn über Poster: hiding and unhiding their status updates.

You know who I mean when I say über poster. The person who is constantly posting updates on LinkedIn such that when you go to your LinkedIn home feed (the page with everyone’s updates), this person has ten times as many updates as everyone else.

Fortunately, LinkedIn gives me a way to hide status updates from particular connections without removing their connection. Not only can I hide specific user connection updates but if I change my mind and now want to see their updates, I can unhide their updates.

Here’s the secret to hiding and unhiding a particular connection’s LinkedIn status updates.

Hiding the über poster’s updates

To hide all status updates from a LinkedIn connection, simply move your mouse over a post from the annoying poster and you’ll see the word hide appear in grey in the upper right-hand corner of the update. Click on that word and all that person’s posts will suddenly disappear from your home feed.

Problem solved. And the person won’t even know you’re hiding from them.

Unhiding the über poster

If you change your mind and you now want to unhide a connection’s status updates such that you once again see all their updates, do this.

  1. Click on the All updates button at the top of your LinkedIn home screen.
  2. From the drop down menu that appears, select Hidden.
  3. LinkedIn will take you to the Updates You See on Your Home Page screen (below). Click on the Hidden tab.
  4. You’ll see all of your LinkedIn Connections for whom you’ve chosen to hide their updates. Click on the Show Updates button next to any connection that you now want to receive updates from.
  5. Click on the Close button and LinkedIn status updates from those connections will once again appear on your screen.
Linkedin--Designate which updates you will see on your home page

Go to the Updates You Want to See on Your Home Page screen to unhide updates from LinkedIn connections that you previously wanted to skip (click to enlarge)

And that’s all there is to hiding and unhiding updates from your LinkedIn connections.

(first posted on 2-13-12. Updated and expanded on 1-24-14)


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  1. Simon Hayes says:

    If someone is that over zealous I get bored and disconnect, satisfyingly permanent, works on Twitter too!

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