One Way IBM Supports SAP on i–IBM i Solutions Edition for SAP

After my post on Raising Awareness for SAP on IBM i, the IBM and SAP Alliance (@IBMSAPAlliance) tweeted me to remind me that IBM is now offering an IBM i Solution Edition for SAP package.

According to IBM, the IBM i Solution Edition is:

Competitively priced, the IBM i Solution Editions offer flexible configurations for memory, disks and network adapters, and a choice of tower or rack mounts to address your individual requirements. These pre-optimized editions include an integrated combination of servers, relational databases, security, auditing and compliance tools, web services, virtualization, networking and storage management. The IBM i Solution Editions offer a choice of Power 7 Express Servers reflecting a range of sizes and capacities.

Now my question is this? Since IBM i looks like a hyper-competitive platform for running SAP with less complexity and lower costs AND with IBM offering special deals to run SAP on IBM, IBM i has gotta be the number 1 platform IBM is pushing for running SAP. Right????

It’s worth noting that IBM also does this for a number of third-party packages, where they offer machine discounts and vouchers when a customer buys an IBM i machine combined with a specific vendor package. They also do this for other IBM i third-party software, such as Oracle JDE, Infor, Help/Systems, and other products. So it’s worth asking your business partner about these discounts when you buy a new machine.


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2 Responses to One Way IBM Supports SAP on i–IBM i Solutions Edition for SAP

  1. Bob Kuhn says:

    Joe – SAP would best be able to tell you where their software is installed. In addition to the Solution Edition for i there is also the IBM Quick Install for SAP on i. Many SAP i customer case study/references can be found at Many customer also have a mixed SAP environment with Windows application servers and i as the database layer.

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Thanks a lot Bob. I didn’t know that about the mixed SAP environment but it makes sense that they’d use DB2 as the database. Reliable and you don’t need redundant databases. Appreciate the feedback.

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