Having Problems Accessing the WideOpenWest Email Portal?

wow--its that kind of experienceContacted WideOpenWest (WOW) technical support today when I could no longer reach my email over the Internet through the portal.wideopenwest.com URL.

It turns out that WOW’s portal.wideopenwest.com URL no longer works for accessing email over the Web. If you’ve been using that URL, switch to http://wowway.net/ and that will get you back to WOW’s Web email interface.

Don’t know why that URL went off line, but switching URLS should take care of your access problems.

(updated 12/20/2013)

Note: there is another issue with viewing Wide Open West email where the browser will not display your email list. Click here to view that solution.


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  1. Carol Courtney says:

    I have WOW eMail, cable and telephone. My telephone service is terrible it goes out at least once a week and drops calls in the middle of a conversation. Right now I have no service and the phone is saying NO LINE. I have checked all connections and everything seems OK. MY TV and cOMPUTER ARE WORKING. I CANNOT CALL WOW for service AS I have no phone again. MY nUMBER IS 847 870 74509

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