Recommended IT Jungle Reading: The Once and Future IBM i System

itj-logoIf you’re involved in the IBM i world, I recommend you read two recent articles by Timothy Prickett Morgan. In these articles, TPM outlines the following about today’s IBM i world:


  1. He demonstrates that the IBM i world is dominated by old hardware, particularly old Power 5 systems. He makes the particularly startling observation that 3/5ths of the installed base is running on old iron.
  2. He presents a way forward for IBM to create a steady and continuous revenue stream by combining IBM i shops who have a) not paid for a software license from between the last 8-11 years; and b) the much smaller base of IBM i customers who stay current and carry the entire Power systems-IBM i organization. He references past challenges IBM had and how they might point towards a brighter and more profitable future for the IBM i.

Taken together, these two articles are a good primer for understanding the hardware-based IBM i world of today and where it could go. I definitely recommend reading them both.

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