Falling Back to a Previous Version with WordPress Revisions

RevisionprocessWhen using WordPress to create new posts, take comfort that you have backup in case you accidently mess up or delete text from a WP post.

By default, WordPress keeps an in-process record of previous revisions that you’ve made to all of your posts. If you’re working on a rewrite and need to go back to a previous version, scroll down to the Revisions area on your post, click on a previous post that has the text or graphics you need, and update your post with the older version. Here’s what the revision area looks like for this article.

WordPress revisions screen

I had occasion to use this recently when I accidentally deleted an entire 800-word post with graphics. It was a godsend and I restored the article from an older version.

WordPress revisions give you some assurance that if things go totally wrong and you delete text that you want to retrieve, you can restore a post back to a prior version.


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2 Responses to Falling Back to a Previous Version with WordPress Revisions

  1. Joe Hertvik says:

    I wound up using this again this morning when my Windows machine decided it had to post an Windows update right in the middle of editing a blog post. After rebooting, I had lost all formatting on the post I was working on. I restored my previous revision and got my blog post back.

    It’s really helpful to know about this for unexpected situations like that.

  2. Alan Seiden says:

    Thanks for the tip, Joe.

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