Shocking But True: Prepping For And Responding To An Unheard Of THREE IBM i #FAIL Scenarios

At COMMON today, I told someone the gory story of how in the past six months, I’ve had three occasions where two of the six IBM i partitions I manage have needed emergency IPLs to restart their systems.

My audience’s response was a simple but shocked “NO!!!!”

I responded that this was what happened and he replied again, “NO!!!!” as if he couldn’t conceive of such a thing happening. I told him a third time, and he again said “NO!!!!!”

I know how he feels. I can’t believe this happened either.

But it did. I actually experienced three IBM i emergency IPLs over six months, two of which occurred this year. And none of them were due to obvious hardware failures.

This is a level approaching the track records of a Windows server rather than the hallowed IBM i boxes where the machine’s reliability is not only legendary, it’s mythic. This just doesn’t happen in an IBM i shop, and I’m still scratching my head over it.

In this week’s IT Jungle, I put out the details of my three recent IBM i #FAIL situations and what I could have and maybe should have done differently. You can read all the details by clicking here.

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