Steve Pitcher’s Lotus Activism Looks to Expand Collaboration Offerings on IBM i

Steve Pitcher is on a one-man campaign to bring all of IBM’s Collaborative Solutions to the IBM i platform. To that end, he’s asking as many people as possible to post the following plea on their Web sites and to register their support for bringing these products to IBM i.

Here’s Steve’s pitch. If you’re an IBM i enthusiast (and I think you know who you are), read the following and go to Steve’s Web site if you agree with Steve’s pitch.

Why Should these IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) products run on IBM i?

  • IBM i on Power Systems and it’s predecessors have literally hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide.
  • IBM i customers want to leverage existing investments in hardware, software, personnel and training.
  • Running ICS servers on other platforms complicates IBM i customer environments.
  • Many customers have a single IBM i server running their entire business.
  • Better performance – All server to server communications is via the Power Systems high speed bus.
  • Better security – IBM i is impervious to viruses. Period.
  • Better uptime – IBM i has a higher uptime % than any other operating system
  • IBM i is IBM’s most widely deployed operating system, over AIX, Power Linux and zOS.
  • Fewer points of failure – One system to manage, administer, maintain, backup and recover.
  • 200 IBM i customers and IBM Business Partners representing 520,000 potential licenses have expressed interest in these products only if they were supported on IBM i

Go to this website and tell IBM that you want support for IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and Lotus Notes Traveler on IBM i.

What? You’re still here. Go on over to Steve’s Web site and register your support if you’re working in a Lotus shop. Oh and Steve says it’s OK if you want to post this information on your own Web site, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, tatoo on your hand, or wherever:-)


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