Stopping Graphics Suppressors in LinkedIn Status Updates

I’ve noticed that when I post a link to my LinkedIn status updates, the LinkedIn update doesn’t always display any of the graphics associated with my story.  Ideally, when I post a link to my blog as a LI status upgrade, I want it to look like this.

Linked status update example


But depending on how I format my Web site and my LinkedIn Status updates, that graphic may or may not appear. Which is upsetting because I’ve done some work getting the graphic into my post and I want it to appear in my Status update. I also like graphics in my LI Status updates because they draw more attention to the update when it appears on my connections’ LinkedIn screens.

I’ve done some experimenting and here are two things I’ve found you can do to ensure that LinkedIn pulls in graphics from your story for a Status update. If you know of any others, please email me at or post a comment at the bottom of the story.

  • Don’t use WordPress short-links – I publish in WordPress and without fail, every time I put a WP-generated short-link in a status update, LinkedIn will not pick up the first graphic from my linked story. But if i go to or the Google URL shortener and get a short-link from them, LinkedIn will pull the first graphic from my story for the LI Status update.
  • Use .JPEG files for graphics instead of .PNG  or .GIF files -When I use a .PNG or .GIF graphic, LI won’t post it to my Status update. But if I resave it as a .JPG, LI will accept and display it. I don’t know if this happens with other graphic file types, but I have been able to establish this issue specifically with those file types.

So that’s what I know right now about what suppresses link graphics in a LI update. I’ll post more LI graphic stoppers as I get more information.



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