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My posts cover a wide range of IT management and production issues I encounter in my work life, including IBM i (AS/400) administration; Data Center management; LinkedIn, Twitter, and social media;┬ápurchasing software products (including IBM i 3rd party products); writing about and marketing IT industry products; and whatever else I come across. I’ve been an administrator and Data Center manager with an IT journalism background for the last 25 years and this is the place I go to air it out.

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About Joe Hertvik

Joe is the owner of Hertvik Business Services, a service company providing written white papers, case studies, and other marketing content to computer industry companies. He is also a contributing editor for IT Jungle and has written the Admin Alert column for the past ten years. Follow Joe Hertvik on Twitter @JoeHertvik. Email Joe for a free quote on white papers, case studies, brochures, or other marketing materials.
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3 Responses to Subscribe to–Get New Posts by Email

  1. Bruce Hobbs says:

    Sorry, Joe, when I get a message in my email about getting new posts by email, I will unsubscribe in a heartbeat. You just slapped all your current email subscribers in the face.

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      I’m sorry, Bruce and to anyone else who got that email. It was unintentional (details below). Thanks to all who have subscribed. I appreciate your support.

      It wasn’t intentional to send a subscription email to everyone who already subscribes. I’m still working with the email function from WordPress where it automatically sends an email when I repost something. Sometimes the only way to move something to the top of the Web site in WordPress is to republish it, which spawns an email.

      I find that feature obnoxious too and the intent wasn’t to resend a subscription email to subscribers. We’re looking at WordPress to figure out why this happens and we’ll try to be more careful with this in the future.

      If anyone knows of a way to change the sequence of posts in WordPress so that you can reposition an updated article at the top of your Web site without sending an email, please let me know. I know there are sticky posts but there are times where I permanently want to change a post’s position and outside of republishing and send another email, I don’t have a good way to do it yet

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