V5R4 End of Support Redux Again

It’s been a few days since IBM announced end of support for i5/OS V5R4, which makes it the perfect time to revisit the topic now that it’s had a little while to cool off.

One of my favorite IBM i analysts, Tim Prickett Morgan of IT Jungle, has a more in-depth look at the topic than you might find at other sites, including mine. In his V5R4 withdrawal article, he goes over the following issues you might not have read about last week, including:

  • That this isn’t the first time IBM tried to kill off V5R4. There was that one ugly incident in 2009 with a knife in the conservatory (no, not really…but wouldn’t it be cool if it was true)
  • How people can keep V5R4 under maintenance past September 30, 2013 if they just know the magic $ecret called the $ervice exten$ion program
  • How just last week, Red Hat did the exact same thing to its Enterprise Linux 5 and Enterprise Linux 6 operating systems that IBM did with i5/OS V5R4

Go here for the full story.

Disclaimer: I am a Contributing Editor for IT Jungle, but this is still a good story.

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