Working on List of IBM i High Availability Vendors–Who Should be on it?

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I’m working on a community post listing out all the vendors that provide high availability software or services for the IBM i platform (sometimes called AS/400…don’t tell you know who;-).

I have a starter list but if you know of any companies that provide HA software or HA services for the IBM i, please let me know at or just add the information as a comment on this post.

The only requirement I have is that the vendor should have a Web site that specifically mentions its HA products or services run on an IBM i environment. If they meet that spec, I’ll put them on the list.

Once the list is available, anyone who wants to use it will be welcome to link to the list, copy it, or do whatever they want with it, just like I offer for my other two community posts:



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3 Responses to Working on List of IBM i High Availability Vendors–Who Should be on it?

  1. Joe, Traders are the authors for Quick-EDD for software replication of IBM i and also replication of data between IBM i and heterogeneous platforms. Technically a noteworthy solution because it does not use remote journalling (between IBM i machines)…

  2. All FileNet web applications adhere to high availability industry standards and number of other high availability vendors have products and configurations that should work with the FileNet P8 platform.

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Do these applications work on the IBM I platform. We are only looking for IBM I in this post. Do you have a URL that specifically talks about how your apps work with IBM I?

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