Worth complaining about…Telling IBM to call an IBM i an IBM i

At the same time I was complaining yesterday about how IBM couldn’t call the IBM i operating system an IBM i in a post about the legacy of the IBM i and how it inspired PureSystems, comes this tweet from Steve Pitcher.

@stevencpitcher #IBMi folks, please comment on this article regarding IBM not mentioning IBM i. http://t.co/pjspq8qs

Steve is encouraging as many IBM i followers as possible to go to that article and comment on how IBM shouldn’t be afraid to call an IBM i an IBM i. There’s a lot of loyal customer work going on out here to create a consistent branding for the IBM i to go forward into the future. It’s discouraging to find that IBM, in an article that glorifies the hardware architectural roots of the IBM i, can’t even call the IBM i by its correct name.

So if you’re of a mind that IBM above all others, ought to call their own product by its proper name (I know, crazy idea), please go to the Made in Rochester: What else is similar between IBM PureSystems and AS/400? post and politely ask IBM to get its act together and enforce some consistent branding when referring to their own product.

I already posted a comment. Let me know if you post a comment.

Let’s encourage Big Blue to get out ahead of everyone and do some real market branding.

Good job Steve in mobilizing the troops.


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