You!!! Yes, You Can Be Joe’s 500+th LinkedIn Connection

4/10/12 – I did IT!!!!! 500+ connections. This one came in this morning courtesy of S. Zelko, Marketing Manager at Arcade Software.

After 4+ years on LinkedIn, I am approaching the magic number of 500+ LinkedIn connections. I’m currently at 498 and I just need two more people to connect with me, and I’ll reach that magical point where LinkedIn throws in the towel and says, “I’m ain’t gonna count that”.

The Quora Web site says it best about 500+ connection people. Their site states that 13% of LinkedIn users have 500+ connections. Quora believes that LinkedIn cuts off the counting at 500+ because “I guess anything above the 500th is more like a ‘random’ connection than anything else.”

Truly Quora is a wise Web site.

My guess is that LinkedIn’s software counter field just can’t handle a number that high.

Of course, Hemmingway also talked about 500+ LinkedIn connections when he wrote…

‘The very LinkedIn 500+ are different from you and me.’ And how someone had said to Scott, ‘yes, they have more connections.’

If anyone knows why LinkedIn stops counting at 500, please let me know because I’m too lazy to look it up myself.

My unofficial goal is to gather all the LinkedIn accolades I can because…well, just because. Earlier this year, my LinkedIn profile became 100% complete and I was gushing with pride. And just like a 100% complete profile, I have no idea why 500+ LinkedIn connections is significant, except that maybe it makes you look cool in front of all the other LinkedIn kids at school.

So here I stand on the threshold of LinkedIn coolness. Who will be my 500+ LinkedIn connection? It could even be you, if you just click on my LinkedIn profile and send me an invite.

I’m so proud.


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