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First Time I’ve Seen This at a Vendor Event–Wonder if Batman’s in 3D

If you’re a Batman fan and live in Chicagoland, Dell and Sirius Computer Solutions are offering a Virtualization event where they are going to talk about virtualizing your Data Center, provide lunch, and then screen the new Batman movie, The … Continue reading

Posted in News | Leave a comment Did Twitter Just Deliver Third-Party Apps a Death Blow?

Good article on the Twitter crackdown which led LinkedIn to change its policy literally, overnight. Read all the gory details at Speaking of LinkedIn, it’s 9:00 PM Saturday night June 30th and their site isn’t available. There’s a notice … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Stops Posting Tweets as Activity Updates

     LinkedIn sent an email message out tonight saying: Twitter recently evolved its strategy and this will result in a change to the way Tweets appear in all third-party applications. As of June 29, 2012, Tweets will no longer be … Continue reading

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Solved: WordPress 404 Dashboard Error Problem for

I had one of those pulse-pounding moments over the last 24 hours with the Web site. This site runs on WordPress hosted through a Go Daddy account. Last night, I was trying to update WordPress to 3.4.1 from the … Continue reading

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Help/Systems Buys UK-Based SafeStone Technologies

12:46 PM CST – 6/27/12 – This post has been updated with new information Help/Systems, a portfolio company of equity group Summit Partners, just announced that it is buying system security software company SafeStone Technologies Ltd., based in the United … Continue reading

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IT Jungle: Finding TCP/IP Interface History And More On The NetServer GO Nets Installation Library

       For my Admin Alert column for IT Jungle this week, I uncovered some interesting information about how to discover the history of your TCP/IP interfaces and how to retrieve the QUSRTOOL library for installing the IBM i NetServer GO NETS … Continue reading

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IBM i QuickTip: Keep a Recent WRKACTJOB Printout in Your Desk

        Before I IPL my IBM i machine or run a High Availability switch test, I always make sure to take a copy of all the active jobs on my system by printing a Work with Active Jobs screen (WRKACTJOB). … Continue reading

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IBM i QuickTip: SMTP Changes Take Effect Immediately in i 6.1.1

According to IBM, there’s a difference in when SMTP changes submitted by the Change SMTP Attributes command (CHGSMTPA) take effect when moving from i5/OS V5R4Mx to i 6.1.x. In i5/OS V5R4Mx, CHGSMTPA changes take effect the next time SMTP is started. … Continue reading

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Keeping the Lights On through UPS Maintenance

I’m at a client today overseeing (babysitting) some maintenance to the Universal Power Supply (UPS) that covers their Data Center. This UPS system is part of an emergency power system that protects their Computer Room and other critical areas when … Continue reading

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Looking for People Who Want to Talk IBM i Warehouse Workstation Setup

I’m doing a research project right now where I’m looking at how to modernize older IBM i (AS/400) warehouse workstation setups (dumb terminals and Zebra printers) to still provide green screen access along with Windows, touch screen, tablet, warehouse management … Continue reading

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IT Jungle: IBM i Platform Turns 24–Then and Now with AS/400 and IBM i

Tim Prickett Morgan has a really cool piece out about the 24th birthday of the original AS/400 machine, which has since morphed into the IBM i that we know and love today. Lots of cool stuff here, including the environment … Continue reading

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SecureMyi Newsletter: Nice Article on Restricting Adopted Authority Programs

In the June 20th SecureMyi Security Newsletter, Dan Riehl has a nice article about using the Use Adopted Authority system value (QUSEADPAUT) to keep programs that were compiled with adopted authority from having that authority flow down the call stack … Continue reading

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New Jetpack Comments for WordPress Allows Readers to Post Comments from Twitter or Facebook Accounts but not Linkedin

The Jetpack plug-in for WordPress blogs has added comments to its functionality. According to JetPack: We’re breaking down the barriers between you and your audience. When someone reads an article on your site and wants to comment, they can now … Continue reading

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IT Jungle: Of Course, Everything I Know About NetServer Could Change

In my article for this week’s IT Jungle, one of my readers clued me in to a significant change to NetServer that affects a lot of people who use the Change User Profile command (CHGUSRPRF) to re-enable disabled NetServer profiles. … Continue reading

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IT Jungle Interview: Richard Schoen for RJS SoftwareTalks Mobilizing IBM i Apps

Dan Burger has a nice interview this morning with Richard Schoen from RJS Software where Richard gives specific advice about his decision-making process for mobilizing IBM i apps. Dan and Richard go over three areas: Whether you need both on-line … Continue reading

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