IBM i QuickTip: SMTP Changes Take Effect Immediately in i 6.1.1

According to IBM, there’s a difference in when SMTP changes submitted by the Change SMTP Attributes command (CHGSMTPA) take effect when moving from i5/OS V5R4Mx to i 6.1.x.

In i5/OS V5R4Mx, CHGSMTPA changes take effect the next time SMTP is started. So if you’re changing the SMTP server name on a V5R4Mx machine, you have to stop and restart the SMTP server for the change to take effect, which can be disruptive to your email processing.

In i 6.1.1, CHGSMTPA changes take effect immediately the next time SMTP processes an email. This is much more convenient because you don’t have to disrupt SMTP processes for a new change to take effect.  The change just happens automagically.

New quiet change for i 6.1.1 SMTP.


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