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IT Jungle: Strategically Using Power Systems’ Processor Trial Capacity On Demand

IT Jungle just posted my latest article on using Trial Capacity on Demand (TCoD). TCoD is IBM’s program for allowing IBM i customers to test adding extra processors or memory to your system before you purchase, allowing you to determine … Continue reading

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IBM i QuickTip: Date, Time, and System Stamping PC5250 Screens

I had a need come up last week where for Sarbanes-Oxley reporting, the auditors wanted us to date & time-stamp PC5250 screen shots as we were performing specific functions. The auditors wanted to make sure that our user adds, changes, … Continue reading

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IT Jungle: A Checklist for Performing IBM i Planned Maintenance

IT Jungle just published my new article that features a checklist for how to perform IBM i planned maintenance. This article contains all kinds of tips for performing pre-system maintenance tasks (including quieting the system); performing the actual system maintenance; … Continue reading

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IBM i QuickTip: Determining Total Disk Space Used and Free Disk Space on a Partition

The easiest way to get your IBM i total disk capacity and free disk space is by using the Work with System Status command (WRKSYSSTS). WRKSYSSTS The System ASP information is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen … Continue reading

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Nice That IBM i Shops Don’t Need to Worry About Daylight Savings Time Any More

It just occurred to me that I was more worried about resetting my clocks at home this weekend than I was about resetting my IBM i for US Daylight Savings Time (DST) on November 3rd, when all of our clocks’ … Continue reading

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