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IT Jungle: How to automatically answer IBM i record locks


From my latest IT Jungle tip:

My Power i system is driving me crazy with RPG1218 record lock messages. We receive RPG1218 messages several times a day. Is there any way to auto-answer these record locks? Continue reading

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Three Things to Do When Blogging and Publishing On-line

One of the problems with accessing on-line publications (including blogs) is that it’s hard for readers to verify the accuracy, reliability, and freshness of the content you’re reading. Especially in a technical article where a solution written for one version … Continue reading

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And then someone gets fired: IBM i ERP Implementations Gone Bad

Here’s two cautionary tales and lessons learned when migrating to a new IBM i ERP system, and some ideas on what to do when things don’t happen as planned Continue reading

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Community Post: List of IBM i High Availability Vendors

This post is intended as an in-process centralized shared list of all the companies that offer Power system IBM i high availability solutions. Feel free to pull the information from this post into other posts to disseminate to the broader IBM i community. Continue reading

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LinkedIn’s New Blogging Option: Everyone’s a Blogger, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Linkedin logo with magnifying glass

On Wednesday this week, LinkedIn announced that they will start allowing users to publish original long-form content to their user profiles. While more details are still coming out, here’s some links you can check out to get more information and my initial reactions to the move.
Continue reading

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An IBM Technical Delivery Assessment Primer

question mark sign

When you buy an IBM hardware product, the business partner or IBM will generally perform a Technical Delivery Assessment (TDA) meeting with you to insure that the solution you’re going to buy is appropriate for your environment and meets your needs. Continue reading

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IT Jungle: Saying Goodbye to an Old Power i

royalty free moving truck

IT Jungle just posted my latest article covering the steps to take when returning a Power i system (Power systems hardware running the IBM i operating system) to a leasing company. Continue reading

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What Happens to the Giving IBM i When You Terminate a Lease?

Flashing neon change sign

In my February 12th IT Jungle article on returning your IBM i machines to the leasing company, I discussed why it’s important to inventory your Power i box (an IBM Power system machine running the IBM i operating system) before returning it to the vendor. This is because it’s common practice to perform in-lease upgrades to Power i machines, where equipment is removed and replaced to add new capabilities.
Continue reading

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Falling Back to a Previous Version with WordPress Revisions

Revision process

When using WordPress to create new posts, take comfort that you can restore previous blog post versions with the WordPress revisions feature. Continue reading

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IT Infrastructure Heartburn: The Right and Wrong Way to Send Company-Wide Email

email envelope from wikimedia

For your consideration: a case-study in how not to turn company-wide emails into company-wide aiiiiieeeee-mails. Continue reading

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Community Post: List of IBM i Job Scheduling Software


Here the starter list of individuals and groups who provide job scheduling software on the IBM i platform. Continue reading

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Check Out Joe Hertvik’s Page on Google+

Google+ logo

Every blogging professional should consider setting up a Google+ profile. Here’s why I think it’s valuable. Continue reading

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Comparing the PureSystems #10Kandcounting Standard Versus the Power i Standard and Vice Versa

IBM PureSystems 10K and counting picture--2-3-14

With IBM recently announcing that “IBM PureSystems family of expert integrated systems…have now shipped more than 10,000 units through the 4th Quarter of 2013”, is this a significant number compared against the number of existing accounts and installations for the IBM i family (Power 4 and above)? Continue reading

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Don’t Put Your Address on Your Resume–Here’s Why (@avidcareerist)

Here’s an interesting article from Donna Svei (@avidcareerist) about why you shouldn’t put your home address on your resume. It’s something I would never have thought of. Continue reading

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Patrick Botz White Paper: A Guide to Practical Single Sign-On

Patrick Botz, the father of IBM i Single Sign-On (SSO) has put out a white paper called A Guide to Practial Single Sign-On. Continue reading

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