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Use an @ to Create Profile Links in LinkedIn Shares

linkedin share buttonLinkedIn Tip: Use the ‘@’ sign if you want to create profile links in LinkedIn shares Continue reading

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Two Ways to Print Your LinkedIn Profile

There are 2 ways to print your LinkedIn profile. One creates a straight backup; the other makes a nicely formatted resume ready for posting or distribution Continue reading

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IT Change Management: 8 Reasons You Need a Checklist for Implementing IT Projects

feedback checklist(updated 1/5/14) One of the habits I push in my shop is to over-rely on checklists and to game plan any change we put on to our Power boxes or in our Data Center. A good checklist is invaluable in situations where you have to take down a critical piece of equipment, make some significant change, and bring it back up again in a short amount of time (say in three hours on a Sunday morning).

IMHO, a good checklist does the following things when you make changes Continue reading

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RPO, RTO, RTA: Explaining 3 Common Disaster Recovery Terms

RPO, RTO, and RTA are valuable management tools for communicating your goals for a BC/DR/HA solution and how well you are doing in meeting those goals. Continue reading

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Creating a URL for LinkedIn Activity Feeds

Here’s a technique to retrieve the URLs to view your own and people’s LinkedIn activity feeds.
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Community Post: List of IBM i Hosting Companies

community picture

This post is intended as a centralized shared list of all the companies that offer Power system IBM i hosting solutions.
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