Big IBM Announcement on Apri 11th–Integrated Expertise: Unveiling a New Era of Computing

IBM’s promoting a big announcement at 60 locations on April 11th that (according to Big Blue) will demonstrate:

A new computing category that will completely change the way you deploy, manage and fund IT. And one that will change your business from the moment it is installed.

These new integrated hardware and software systems are designed specifically for the types of workloads that you most frequently deploy to help you operate and optimize your business. They’re designed to get new application projects up and running in as little as four hours – cutting months off the usual deployment time.

The event is called Integrated Expertise: Unveiling a New Era of Computing, and you can register here.

I have no clue what they’re planning but wanted to put it on your radar if you’re interested. Already saw one email that is touting this announcement as …the most significant IBM product announcement in the past 10 years.

Whatever they’re planning, they seem to be partnering with Morton’s restaurants across the US as easily half to three-quarters of the broadcast sites are at Morton’s restaurants (hope that means lunch).

Check out IBM’s web site on the annoucement here. You can either resigter at the site or ask your business partner about it.


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