It’s Offical: IBM i Does Not Support sFlow

For a project I’m working on, we’re trying to determine how much network traffic travels to a particular IBM i partition and what IP addresses the traffic is coming from. The purpose is to model the traffic before we move the partition to another network, so we have a big enough telecom pipe to accommodate incoming data.

We put a Cisco layer three switch between the network and my IBM i partition so we could capture the traffic. But our network manager also wanted to know whether we could natively analyze network data on our IBM i by using an sFlow server. Sponsored by the consortium, sFlow samples and monitors data running through networked, wireless, and host devices. An sFlow server is handy for analyzing network traffic, as I wanted to do here.

I called IBM and found out that no, IBM i does not support sFlow. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any third-party packages that analyze traffic to the extent that we need for the project, so I don’t have that option either. If anyone knows of a package that will do this, please drop me an email.

So as a suggestion to IBM, it might be a good idea to add an sFlow server or similar data traffic analysis package to the IBM i software. It could come in handy for situations like this as well as for determining what IP addresses are sending the most traffic to a particular interface.


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