Community Post: List of IBM i Content Providers

digital contentThis post is an in-process centralized shared list of all organizations or individuals who provide content-specific information on the IBM i platform (no marketing-oriented pages, with the possible exception of IBM). Feel free to pull the information from this post into other posts to disseminate to the broader IBM i community.

Here the starter list of individuals and groups who provide information on the IBM i platform.

IBM i Content Providers

This list was developed in conjunction with the LinkedIn IBM i (unofficial) group (great group of people). If you want to join in and participate in the list discussion, you can go to the discussion by clicking here.

This list contains Web sites that produce IBM i articles, blog posts, forums, links, tech tips that are not linked to the marketing of a specific product (with the exception of IBM i-centric products).

If you have a site you want to nominate for this list or you know of a site I may have inadvertently left out, please email me at


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About Joe Hertvik

Joe is the owner of Hertvik Business Services, a service company providing written white papers, case studies, and other marketing content to computer industry companies. He is also a contributing editor for IT Jungle and has written the Admin Alert column for the past ten years. Follow Joe Hertvik on Twitter @JoeHertvik. Email Joe for a free quote on white papers, case studies, brochures, or other marketing materials.
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20 Responses to Community Post: List of IBM i Content Providers

  1. Luis says:


    Not sure if the following sites would fit your article’s specs, but it doesn’t hurt to check them over….
    Dieter Bender’ site is in German (although Google translate can help a lot), but there are some gems there, mainly in the form of AppServer4RPG , a “driver” that let’s you access different databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc) from your IBM i. Think of it as a poor man’s DRDA.
    The guys at CoralTree have a nice ILE RPG framework, based on CGIDEV and Ajax, for developing web based apps. A demo can be found here:
    Orati systems have some interesting utilities, mainly a PDF writer/composer (iPDF) and a RTF (Rich Text Format) generator (iRTF). They also have SFTP and FTP utilities.


    Luis Rodriguez

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Thanks, Luis. Unfortunately none of these sites fit the criteria for being included.

      This post is for IBM i articles, blog posts, forums, links, tech tips that are not linked to the marketing of a specific product (with the exception of IBM i-centric products).

      Here’s the rundown of how this shook down.

      I couldn’t get Google or Chrome to translate out on two different computers, so I couldn’t tell if there were any appropriate pages. only has three posts on their blog site and only one of them referred to IBM I. So let’s wait and see if they are truly an IBM I site or just someone who occasionally talks about IBM I. didn’t have an article, news, blog site, etc. While it has downloads, we are just looking for content and a download site doesn’t belong on this page (though sometime I may curate a download page).

      Orati systems also didn’t have a blog, articles, news, or any content. They had a lot of downloads and info specific to their product but it again didn’t fit in with the intent of this page.

      Thanks for sending these over. I may use or reference these sites for other articles but I can’t use these link for this article.

  2. Jared Gerber says:

    I noticed Mike Pavlak’s blog on PHP. Does anyone have anything going for Ruby on IBM i? Our graphical folks are real interested in that.

  3. Joe, please change my link to

    The .com address is hosted by someone else who’s posting my content under another name without permission. This is what happens when you let your domain name to expire. 🙂

  4. a lot of questions and answers for IBM I italian community

  5. Joe Hertvik says:

    Per suggestion from Dennis Nei, added Think400 and Scott Klement’s IBM i Presentations Page

  6. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added Patrick Botz Security Bytes newsletter

  7. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added the SAP on IBM i blog from SAP Community Network

  8. IBM i EXTRA is a twice monthly newsletter with original content from Jon ans Susan and others. To sign up, go to

  9. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added Geekish Garrulous Grumblings – Nick Litten’s Blog

  10. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added blog from Bart Grabowski, which bills itself as a blog that covers “PowerVM features are described from the IBM i perspective”. Also, being a Chicagoan living in Ditka-land it warms my heart to hear that a guy named Grabowski is writing a blog;-)

  11. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added the v.Legaci blog on Legacy AS/400 to BPM conversion

  12. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added Halcyon Software’s company blog

  13. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added iModernize – The Profound Logic Software Blog to the list

  14. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added Bruce Guetzkow’s PHP on #IBMi #In Paper Li newsletter

  15. Joe Hertvik says:

    Updated 4/6/14 to note that iPro Developer and Power IT Pro have been discontinued

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