Community Post: List of IBM i High Availability Vendors

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This post is intended as an in-process centralized shared list of all the companies that offer Power system IBM i high availability solutions. Feel free to pull the information from this post into other posts to disseminate to the broader IBM i community.

(updated  2/24/2014)

Also, please let me know if you have any additions to these sites and I’ll attempt to post updates as I get the changes. To have a company listed on here, you must have an IBM I-related HA product that you offer for sale AND you must have a Web URL that specifically discusses your IBM i HA product.

Companies are limited to the actual software providers or distributors. At a future time, we may expand or provide a separate list for HA implementers who specialize in using specific products.

High Availability system monitoring

Halcyon Software also offers High Availability application monitoring templates for popular HA applications such as Maxava, Mimix, and Quick-EDD, through its Halcyon Software Suite. Check out Halcyon’s High Availability Monitoring Web page for more info.


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8 Responses to Community Post: List of IBM i High Availability Vendors

  1. iSam Blues iSB-HA is another fantastic choice –
    Robert Seal was the original developer of what became iTera HA. After leaving Vision I created my own company. iSB-HA has the best autonomics and is the easiest to use of all the products I have worked with. Seal looked at all the products on the market and found that they are were lacking in one area or another. Instead of starting from scratch, Seal partnered with what he believes the company with the best replication engine. Seal has modified the user interface and added and continues to add new features. Using a completely different sales, marketing and support processes has allowed him to provide his customers with what they have called “The easiest HA solution to used, much easier then ……”

    Shields HA is also another product

    Allow Trader’s website includes the distributor information. Allowing them to have more lines gives them an unfair advantage and isn’t needed. Check out their website and you will see,

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      What’s the relationship between iSB-HA and RSF-HA? I have Bugbuster RSF-HA listed on the site already. I’d like to list them correctly on the site.


    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Here’s where I stand on posting distributor links for specific products.

      I’ll take links from any distributor who is exclusively authorized to sell one of these products for IBM i in a specific geographic area (with the emphasis on sellers, not implementers). That should help to keep the list manageable. If this makes the list unmanageable, we can retool later.

      I’m actually surprised more distributors haven’t stepped forward to ask to be on the list. If anyone else wants to put their company up for inclusion, the rules are:

      * You must have an IBM I-related HA product that you offer for sale AND you must have a Web URL that specifically discusses your IBM i HA product.

      * You must either be the manufacturer or an exclusive distributor of the product. Implementors by themselves won’t be included for now (although if anyone wants to help me start another list…

  2. Chris Hird says:


    I have already commented on the inclusion of Shield and yet still do not see us listed? Is this only a partial list of your preferred products?


  3. James S says:

    For what it’s worth, I just did an evaluation of vendors for IBM i replication at my company, and didn’t come up with anyone who isn’t already on your list.

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Cool. Which vendors did you decide to look at?

      There were 2-3 on this list that I didn’t know as much about when I started the list. So I discovered a few outside of the more publicized names.

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