Community Post: List of IBM i Hosting Companies

community pictureThis post is intended as a centralized shared list of all the companies that offer Power system IBM i hosting solutions.

Feel free to pull the information from this post into other posts to disseminate to the broader IBM i community. Also, please let me know if you have any additions to these sites and I’ll attempt to post updates as I get the changes.


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37 Responses to Community Post: List of IBM i Hosting Companies

  1. Hello all,
    a nice list 🙂 I just wanted to add that we at are located in germany, not in denmark.

    Best regards,

  2. Steve Street says:

    Hi Joe

    I believe Bluechip might well have an IBM i cloud proposition, although it’s not explicit from the website. That said, Bluechip have been supporting the i platform for many years and I would be very surprised if they didn’t have a cloud offering.


    Steve Street
    IT Services Strategy Leader

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Thanks, Steve. You’re right about their Web site not having much about IBM i. I went to their site and searched on “IBM”, “IBM i”, “iSeries”, and “AS/400” and nothing came up. I went through most of their pages that might have anything to do with IBM i or hosting and they seemed focused on Microsoft, Citrix, Symantec, but no IBM products whatever.

      This is the same problem I’m having with Sungard. It seems like they are doing something with IBM i but when you look for it, there’s nothing there. It could be a case where they do it for customers who ask for it. However, the community list is for companies that advertise their IBM i hosting capabilities, it’s obvious from their Web site they have these capabilities, and it’s verifiable. There’s been a few companies we haven’t put on the list because we couldn’t verify their offerings.

      So with no offense to Bluechip or Sungard or any other vendor in the same boat, I’m going to leave them off the list until we can verifiably prove that they have IBM i hosting capabilities. However, if someone can point me to their Web site offering IBM i hosting services, I’m put them on the list that same day. Otherwise, we start filling up the list with people who can’t fill the communities needs.


      • Blue Chip says:

        Hi Joe,

        It appears you have the wrong Blue Chip. I came across this post after noticing Steve’s reference to us (thanks Steve!) and noticed your search for details on our IBM i offering. As you mentioned finding a lot of Microsoft, Symantec etc. it looks to me as though you have the ‘other’ Blue Chip, another IT provider under the same name. We can be found at

        We do indeed have an IBM i cloud offering and are currently updating the website content. You may find the following page useful as a reference however, as this looks at our overall IaaS offering;

        As an Online Marketing Executive at Blue Chip, I won’t be best placed to provide further details, however if you would like me to put you in contact with someone here who can then please do not hesitate to let me know.


        Nick Gaunt

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  4. Michael Hardy ( introduced himself to me and stated they have inexpensive (around $500) IBM i cloud hosting. So please add the below URL to the above list if you agree:

  5. We have IBM i hosting through our managed services practice here at Sirius.

    • Joe Hertvik says:

      Thanks, Patrick. Is Sirius Computer hosting your IBM I or is it another company? Wasn’t sure which Sirius you’re referring to: Sirius Computer or Sirius XM?

      If not Sirius Computer, are you able to say who’s hosting your IBM i setup?


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  7. Star Taylor says:

    Premise, Inc. Fast response, extremely knowledgeable. They were able to rapidly architect a solution for our company’s data center migration project to include replicating data between the old and new systems while maintaining replication on the current systems. Very professional and just a great company to deal with.

  8. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added APSU Managed Services for Power i and i In the Cloud service for IBM i hosting

  9. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added Baseline Data Services

  10. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added Key Information Systems’ KeyCloud service, who hosts on Power systems. Suggested by Aaron Bartell

  11. Bryan Lord says:

    Hi Joe, we also have which is cloud / hosting dedicated for the Infor Systemi product suite

  12. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added Infor Systemi Business Cloud to the list

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  14. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added Oxford Networks with its IBM Power Cloud solution for hosting IBM i, AIX, and Linux on Power partitions.

  15. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added ServIT Power Systems Hosting options to the post

  16. Joe Hertvik says:

    Added SECURE Infrastructure & Services for IaaS for Power Systems, iSeries, and AS/400

  17. Albert Creveling says:

    We’re currently looking at taking our i to the cloud and have been talking with about their cloud solution. url is:

  18. Step Kelin says:

    Best reseller of hardware, software focusing on the IBM AS/400, iSeries, i5 and POWER midrange platform since 1991.

  19. John Dokken says:

    Hi Joe

    Please include us on your list.

    John Dokken

  20. Jim Welch says:

    Hi Joe – I would ask that you add Ensono to your list. We provide Infrastructure Management Services for IBM i, as well as other platforms.
    Acxiom divested its IT Outsourcing division in August 2015, and it was re-branded as Ensono in January 2016. HQ is Downers Grove, IL

  21. Ravinder Pal says:

    Hi Joe,
    Pls add HCL to the list, who is IBM i cloud providers across all Americas, Europe, Apac and Japan.


  22. Krengeltech has a new offering: Litmis Spaces Single Tenant. More information here:

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