Three Ways to Find All Your Current LinkedIn Activity From a Browser Session

linked in pen pictureUse this technique if you only want to view your current LinkedIn activity from a Web browser (updated 6/25/15 as the old URL from LinkedIn no longer works).


I was unable to find a new URL to replace the old LinkedIn MYUPDATE URL, but either one of the following techniques will show you all your recent activity, published LinkedIn articles, drafts, and followers, as shown here.

Recent LinkedIn Activity page

Technique #1

  1. Go into your LinkedIn profile
  2. Click on the View profile as button and select View recent activity from the pop-up menu that appears
  3. This will show the Recent Activity screen shown here. Click on the Recent Activity option to see your recent activity. You can also view all your Published articles on LinkedIn Pulse, your draft articles for Pulse, and your connections.

Technique #2

Inside any of your LinkedIn status updates, you’ll see an option called See all recent activity. Click on that option and the recent activity screen shown above will appear

Technique #3

1. Click on the Profile option in the LinkedIn menu bar

2. Select Your Updates from the dropdown menu that appears

The only downside of using this screen is that it only shows your LinkedIn activity for the last 30 days. It would be nice if you could see your activity over a longer period of time, or even if you could see all your activity since you joined LinkedIn. If anyone knows of a way arond this, please let me know or post a comment.


Many times, LinkedIn changes these techniques or discontinues an option. If you find this option no longer works, please let me know by email or by entering a comment below.


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    Joe, thank you for these tips! Enjoy your vacation, Eli

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    hi i really need an old post and comment that i posted a year ago so is there no way i get to see this

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