Is It Me or is IE 9 Just Not Doing the Job Anymore?

arret stop signIn the last few weeks, I’ve noticed Internet Explorer starting to choke on Web sites that it used to handle with ease. Here’s some examples I’ve recently run into where IE isn’t quite up to snuff. I use IE 9 at work and at home and in each instance, I have to go to FireFox or Chrome to get the site to behave the way it’s supposed to.

  • One of my clients uses Basecamp for their projects. It was unworkable in IE but works fine in FireFox
  • After their Web site redesign, one of my favoriate news and opinion sites (TalkingPointsMemo) freezes up under IE 9. Works fine with FireFox and Chrome.
  • A JP Morgan expense account site refuses to display dropdown boxes in IE.
  • When signing up for my new health care plan, IE 9 wasn’t allowing me to add my dependents. Again, I went over to FireFox and no problem.
  • Using WordPress to edit, I have a hard time adding media to my sites. No problem with the other guys.

It’s adding up to a pattern where IE 9 just doesn’t cut it anymore. I supposed I can upgrade to IE 10 but there are a number of sites that I still need IE 9 to run.

The result is that almost without intending to, I’m migrating to an alternate browser just to get my work done.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


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  1. Frederick L Grunewald says:

    If you are working with Google drive, best to use Chrome.

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