Large Advantages Found in Power VM Versus VMware vSphere White Paper (Edison Group)

IBM has an interesting white paper posted comparing the Power VM Virtualization technology found on IBM Power 7 servers against VMware vSphere 4.1 & 5.0 Virtualization Performance on Intel x86 platforms. Big Blue engaged the Edison Group to do this paper.

The paper features a number of interesting comparisons including a much better consolidation ratio for ratio for Power VM on an IBM Power 750 system; much higher performance in running multiple VMs and workloads; as well as absolute throughput performance improvements.

The paper makes one interesting point in saying that vSphere 5 demonstrated no throughput performance improvement over vSphere 4.1 upgrade 1. On the contrary, the paper states that vSphere 5 demonstrated slightly lower performance overall than vSphere 4.1 upgrade 1.

You can read the paper for yourself before deciding by clicking here.


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